MF Advisers Fee Schedule

Assets Under Management
(per household)
Annual Management Fee
(assessed monthly)
from $ 1 to $ 499,999.99 1.00%
next $ 500,000 (up to $ 999,999.99) 0.75%
from $ 1 million + 0.50%


Asset fee will be calculated monthly by taking total dollar values of household account(s)
on 1st & last day of the month, adding them together, dividing by 2, & then multiplying by
appropriate percentages indicated on above table, dividing by 12 to arrive @ the fee.
(Prorating applies if assets come over on a day other than the first of the month)

Example: A household with $ 1,250,000 would have an estimated annual fee of $ 10,000.

up to $ 499,999.99 X 1% = $ 5000
next $ 500,000 X 0.75% = $ 3750
next $ 250,000 X 0.50% = $ 1250

Total: $ 5000 + $ 3750 + $ 1250 = $ 10,000

The above-mentioned fee calculation is done with assets held at Scottrade and at Vanguard
(for clients with PA Invesment Plan 529 accounts).

For clients with assets held at ASPire, the fee calculation is as follows:
Asset balance taken at the end of the quarter X .25%

For clients with assets held at Jefferson National (annuities), the fee calculation is as follows:
Asset balance taken at specific (monthly) date X .0833%

Hourly Fees

Hourly fees are billed in arrears @ $ 175/hr. for ALL services/planning/advice
if MF Advisers, Inc. does NOT manage all of your investments that we are able to manage
(pursuant to your planning needs).

If MF Advisers, Inc. manages ALL of your investments, we do NOT charge hourly fees for
any services EXCEPT the current workplace retirement plan reviews (done quarterly).

Immediate family members are NOT assessed advisory fees or financial planning fees.
Immediate family would include spouses, siblings, children, parents,
grandparents, aunts & uncles, and first cousins.

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